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My resources on mindfulness and mindfulness in daily life at your disposal. 


Many people I have worked with have told me that the most difficult thing about mindfulness is to apply it daily. The same thing happened to me. When I first became interested in mindfulness and meditation, the theory fascinated me but I continued to live the same way as before: off center, constantly in reaction mode, "putting out fires", and doing a thousand things at once. I was inspired by the promise of mindfulness but I could not make it come true.



Mindfulness is in everybody's lips these days. Many of us want to practice it daily but days go by and we're still stressed, busy and seemingly unable to enjoy its benefits.


That's why I've created this 30-day challenge to walk the talk, take action and integrate the principles of mindfulness in our daily life.


Only when we start creating space for paying attention to the here and now will we see change in our lives.


Remember there is the potential for awareness in every choice you make ;-)

What's included in this 30-day challenge?


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Each day you will receive a short and practical email in your inbox with that day's mindfulness focus.


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We will examine mindfulness applied to: body parts, emotions, mental patterns, daily activities, and focusing practices.


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Each day a beautiful and inspiring photo plus a couple of tips to anchor your attention throughout the day.


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A daily tool or practice that does not take time or effort, just a different approach to paying attention.


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The perfect companion to the free Daily Awareness mini-course, putting into practice all that is covered there.


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You will have access to two versions: by email and online on this site.





Kind words from clients who have completed it


Boy -did I need to read that today! Thank you Magui - will be curious today and let you know how it goes…. - Catherine Canning


I love this Magui. Such a simple act that eludes so many. x - Daena Bougoure-Latchford


This is exactly what I needed. I will keep it in my awareness throughout the day! - Wendy Bosch

You want to know more?

Isn't it too much if I'm also receiving the 5 day course?

My Daily Awareness course is an introductory course that explains what mindfulness is and gives you some notes on how to apply it in your daily life. This challenge is the actual application of those principles for your life to change - to pay attention to one aspect of your life each day. During the first 5 days you will receive 2 emails from me, but they are the perfect complement to each other.

What if I can't keep up or I fall behind?

It's ok! The advantage of receiving the challenge by email is that you have access to the content for life (as for the online version) so you can go at your own pace, take a break when you need it (or life stuff happens!) . The important thing is that you give yourself the 3-4 minutes a day that you will need to read the daily email and to keep in mind the focus of the day. It is not about "doing" anything else or seeing the challenge as another item on your long list of to dos! The challenge helps you integrate mindfulness into your life but it's up to YOU to bring the commitment to actually do it. ;-)

How do I get the materials?

You will receive a brief daily email (at 8 a.m. UK time) with an image and a brief explanation on the approach for that day as well as any advice to keep it in mind. There will be 30 successive emails. I will also send you the access code to the online version of the challenge with the same content, and where you can also leave comments on each entry. However, I recommend that you follow the challenge by email, to prevent the mind from getting ahead and to follow the pace of proper integration.

What do I need to do?

Just read the content of the email each day! It's a simple and practical challenge but very powerful. The only thing that is asked of you is  a change of focus towards the present moment. Every day I will give you some specific advice to make this easier for you by focusing on a single daily aspect.


The normal price for this online challenge is £49 but as a new subscriber I'm offering it to you for less than a coffee and sandwich (but it is just as yummy!)


Because change stems from action.

Because living in awareness is in our nature.