The practice of mindfulness

As someone once said:

The most difficult part of being mindful is to remember to be mindful

Here are a few resources that will hopefully inspire you and also remind you of how crucial living in awareness is!

Emotional awareness

This is a biggie. One of the most complex areas of self-awareness work we can ever undertake. There are a lot of resources out there, both in the shape of books as well as online resources. I would personally recommend working with a good therapist/coach if you feel there are major issues that you need support with. Often we start emotional work on our own to find that, like an iceberg, most of the “stuff” is underneath and hidden from view. If it gets too overwhelming or you feel you need someone to hold your hand whilst navigating your emotional icebergs, get professional help. It may be your best spent money!!

Emotional work is the basis for any self-discovery transformation and will seep into all other areas of your life: work, relationships, self-love...

Parenting and family relations

As with other areas, mindfulness has become a trendy angle to look at parenting issues. There is deep emotional engagement when awareness is applied to parenting and family relationships. It is often very intense work, because it requires dealing with (as in acknowledging!) vulnerability. But the pay-off can be huge: increased sensitivity, enhanced connection, and a change in deep-seated relational dynamics. Often we are more willing to pull up our sleeves and implement “change” for loved ones, especially young children, than for ourselves.

Wellbeing and health

Our bodies often bear the brunt of our lack of awareness in life: we make them digest too much food (or the wrong kind, or at the wrong time), we deprive them of sufficient sleep, we make them sit still for too long, we ignore their need for movement and joy. In short, we simply don’t utilise our bodies enough in a kind, mindful way – we are often up there “in the head” and not paying much attention to what our bodies need, or even what they are trying to tell us. Instinct often manifests through the body (remember that “gut feeling”?).

There are as many forms of exercise, and wellbeing practices as there are days in the year (or in a few years!) so I’m going to keep this as generic as possible. Bodies were made to be healthy through movement and eating, so here are a few resources on both topics:

  • Information on Somatic Meditation, where the body becomes the fundamental arena of meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • A real favourite of mine! Biodanza is an amazing process of integrating body and emotions through dance and connecting mindfully with others.
  • Dr Susan Albers website contains a lot of practical tips and information on eating mindfully.





I’ve bunched them up together because it’s essentially the same thing – transcending our personal, individual dimension. Which, as humans, we are able to do. Isn’t that something? You don’t have to believe in anything to transcend yourself. Because, simply put, we can become aware that there is more to us than body and mind.