Awareness is the greatest gift we can give to our children. Fully reconnect with yourself to connect to your child in a truly transformational way.

In this 3-week online course we will apply mindfulness to our everyday parenting life. We will explore what it means to pay attention to the here and now with your family. And how on earth one achieves that, with so much else going on in our busy lives! I will suggest tools, techniques and simple tips that can be used on a day to day basis.

Next edition: November 2017
Duration:       3 weeks
Fee:               £49



A guided self-study process with all the support that you need to live mindfully, consciously and creatively.

Transformation comes from action, not thought. During this 2 week online course you will delve deep into your own self through an inner journey - exploring the relationship with body, mind, and emotions. You will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness in different areas of your daily life, such as eating, work and family relations. Plus, you will get super practical tools to recognise and transform those bodily, mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve you.

Start date: December 2017
Duration:   2 weeks
Fee:           £39