If one lights a fire for others, it will also brighten one’s own way
— Nichiren

I see life coaching as a process of supporting others who are embarking on a journey of self-discovery to live fulfilling lives. I do this by:

  • Talking with you about your situation

  • Discussing your values, attitudes and beliefs so I can assist you better

  • Helping you to set suitable goals for change

  • Breaking these goals into small steps that are actionable

  • Looking at ways of overcoming barriers and setbacks

  • Supporting you to stay motivated and committed to your own journey

  • Signposting you to further avenues of inquiry or services that may be of help.


I coach in awareness. This means that my coaching is done from a place of mindfulness, but also that I can give you the tools and techniques to live more mindfully as well.

My starting point with all my clients is that YOU already have all the questions and the answers you need. You are probably not aware of all of them yet, or not to the level you want. By paying attention to the here and now, to your thought processes, to your body sensations, to your emotions, you can achieve an amazing level of integration and coherence. I’m here to accompany and guide you through this process, and to give you the framework to live a more aware life.

Here are some guiding principles of my style of coaching:

  • Accepting: Resistance truly is futile! What is, already is. This doesn’t mean resignation or being a fatalist. It means starting from where you are and working with what you’ve got. You can get a huge amount of information, clarity and motivation (to change) from these.

  • Non-judgemental: Our minds will always be judgmental, that’s part of their job description. But, as a coach, I am not. I help you take note of your own judgements so that you can know where you are coming from and benefit from any deeper messages available to you.

  • Beginner’s mind: I see the coaching relation with each client as if I was coaching for the first time (but trust me, I’ve done this before!). This widening of perspective is crucial to see opportunities where many see challenges.

  • Based on trust: The coaching journey is very experiential. Trust your instincts. Trust your journey. Trust the wise sage in you (there is one in there, I promise!)

  • Reflective: Helping you to become aware of our modern day drive to “do, do, do, do” and replace it with a more “do be do be do” approach to life (as Martha Beck so humorously put it).

  • Practical: I share information, repackage insights and make them actionable. All of this is tailor-made for each of my clients.


Mindfulness has become a trendy topic, and one can find mindfulness seeping into so many areas of life: businesses and corporations, parenting, eating. This is great. We don’t need to sit in full lotus for 4 hours to get the benefits of being aware of our “here and now”!