Hi, I'm Magüi.

I am a life coach and a curious student of life. I help people to find fulfilment in their lives, on their terms, by increasing their self-knowledge and awareness. I love assisting people to find their own questions. My aim is to enable you to come to your own answers. I assist clients to make the changes they want to see in their lives. I believe that mindfulness is the torch that lights up the coaching journey. Awareness is the signposting method that allows us to travel down the path of life with confidence, contentment and trust.

My passions are: travel, knowledge, and connection. My curiosity has no limits! I sometimes think of myself as “The Accidental Traveller” – I love going places, but I resent being outside my comfort zone. I welcome change. But I want to retain control. I crave new experiences. But I am uncomfortable with the unknown. This constant pull and push has slowly shaped me into a questioning, open optimist. Someone who wants to live life to the full, both inside and outside. In partnership with others, in intimacy with myself, in trust with consciousness/awareness.

I currently live in Glasgow, UK, with my husband and son.

About Awareness Coaching

I see life coaching as a process of supporting others who are embarking on a journey of self-discovery to live fulfilling lives. I do this by:

  • Talking with you about your situation

  • Discussing your values, attitudes and beliefs so I can assist you better

  • Helping you to set markers along the way of change

  • Breaking these markers or goals into small steps that are actionable

  • Looking at ways of overcoming barriers and setbacks (both internal and external)

  • Supporting you to stay motivated and committed to your own journey

  • Signposting you to further avenues of inquiry or services that may be of help.


I am a Certified Transpersonal Life Coach by the Institute of Transpersonal Development and by the Academy of Strategic Coaching. 

My first professional passion was helping others around the world - I worked for a series of International Development Organizations on Governance, Human Rights and Social Development.

Originally from Spain, I have lived in the USA, UK, France, Belgium, Tunisia and Mozambique. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, fluent in French, and can order pastries (and a few other things) in Portuguese.


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Kind words

Thanks to your help and your warmth presence my personal journey, whilst still tough at times, continues to advance towards self-knowledge and self-reliance. I really liked your way of coaching and the way you deal with each major pointer, each major ‘wound’. Thank you for showing me that can allow myself to be, to not be, to cry, to open up, and remain alright. My self-learning quest goes on...
— NC - USA